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International Patients

We see patients from all over the globe. Our office staff can provide you and your family with everything from help finding accomodations to local attractions to enhance your visit.

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Office Location
680 N Lake Shore Dr, Ste 1208
Chicago, IL 60611

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"Doctor McKay McKinnon has been working on me since I was 18 months old. I have had cosmetic and tumor removal surgery done by McKinnon annually. His insistence on perfection and medical expertise are out of this world.
He is the best Neurofibromatosis specialist we have found. His precision and planning as well as his knowledge of his work makes me feel very comfortable. I refuse to allow another doctor to operate on my face, as he does. He is professional and world-renowned. Simply the best doctor there is for reconstructive surgery."
-J.T. (4/28/2014)

"Dr. McKinnon is a dedicated professional who is calm, caring and thorough. He has performed surgery on my husband multiple times for a very large AVM and saved his life by doing so. No other doctor would touch my husband as his health issue was so significant. Dr. is dedicated to assuring people's lives are as normal as possible and as other reviews have stated does a significant amount of charity work to help severely disfigured people throughout the world. Look at the press releases and videos online to understand the brilliance and compassion of his work."
-C.N. (4/14/2014)

"Dr. McKinnon is amazing. He is calm, professional, makes you relax and is a true "southern gentlemen". He donates his spare time to performing hundreds of free surgeries for the poorest people in the world. He and his lovely wife travel to Honduras, Vietnam and many other poor countries and help those in need. Most surgeons go to Florida or perhaps to Hawaii, but not Dr. McKinnon, he goes to 3rd world countries and handles surgeries that many surgeons would walk away from."
-S.M. (8/28/2013)

"Dr. McKinnon is the best...period. Calm, confident, and professional. He takes his time to talk with you and understand what you are looking to have done. I have had liposuction, a nose job, and a breast augmentation and am pleased with all my outcomes. I had interviewed several cosmetic surgeons prior to finding Dr. McKinnon and found him the most straightforward and unpretentious. The office is nice, small, and quiet so you don't feel like your just a number. Great post op care... you will feel well cared for. So, if your considering cosmetic/reconstructive surgery, go see'll be glad you did!"
-S.M. (10/25/2011)

"Nice doctor. I came in for some cosmetic surgery and was very happy with the whole experience. He was patient and thorough during the consultation and the results were what I had hoped for. I would definitely recommend him."
-K.L. (11/22/2010)

Rhinoplasty Patient Care

  • For the first few days, you may apply an ice cold wet washcloth across your eyes to decrease swelling and discomfort. Some patients prefer to put crushed ice in a baggy or use a bag of frozen peas.
  • Expect a runny, slightly bloody nose for a few days. Many patients have a slightly “runny nose” for weeks after surgery.
Your nose will be “stuffed” for several days to weeks due to internal swelling and crusting.
  • Do not remove the nasal splint or tape. It will be removed by Dr. McKinnon in 7 days. Keep the splint dry. But you can wash your face and hair in areas away from the splint.
  • Cleanse your stitches and nostrils with a wet Q-tip several times a day and apply Vaseline to the nostril opening and any visible stitches.
  • Do not blow your nose for 10 days. If the nose is blown, air maybe forced into the nasal incisions, puffing of the skin and increasing the risk of injury or infection. If you need to sneeze, open your mouth and let the air exit your mouth.
  • Saline nose drops can be used to decrease crusts within the nose. They are available over-the-counter in any drugstore. Instill several drops throughout the day in each nostril. Put your head back and let the drops run in. “AYR” is a common brand name.
  • You may notice a slightly bloody ooze from under the taped splint near the corner of the eye. This is normal and not a concern.
  • You can apply makeup to normal skin to cover bruising but don’t put makeup on incisions or over crusty areas until completely healed and crusts are gone.
  • Use water and very diluted Johnson’s No Tear baby shampoo and soap to wash about your eyes and eyelashes to remove any crusting.
  • You will have numbness of the tip of your nose for 6 months to one year.
  • Most bruising and grossly visible swelling disappears in a week to 10 days but it takes months for things to “settle” completely. Your nose will change for at least 6 to 12 months — becoming smaller and narrower.
American Association of Plastic Surgery