I have fought and beat breast cancer. As you can imagine, during my fight, I encountered numerous physicians. All my treatment was done at Northwestern. Of all the doctors I had – none compare to Dr. McKay McKinnon. I went to Dr. McKinnon for my reconstructive work. He took more time with me than any of my doctors at Northwestern. He even fixed their mistakes. He is the most kind and caring doctor I have ever encountered. He geniuenly loves what he does – and what he does is help people from all walks of life whether you are simply want cosmetic enhancements or reconstructive enhancements due to an illness or whether you need reconstruction for health reasons – he is the BEST there is!

Notably, I went to Dr. McKinnon for botox with some friends. After we received the botox, I asked if he could remove the lumps on my left breast (lumps which my OBGYN told me were fine for years). He took one look (and feel) and sent me to get an MRI immeidately – and the diagnosis Breast Cancer. Dr. McKinnon saved my life when other doctors were too busy to care.


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