Dr. McKinnon has led plastic surgical missions to developing countries since 1982. These missions have provided surgical care to children and adults with clefts, other craniofacial anomalies, tumors, burns, trauma and other complex conditions. Teaching of local surgeons and pediatricians has been an important activity of the missions.Dr. McKinnon has provided specialty care and teaching in Belize, Honduras, India, Peru, Vietnam, Thailand,  and Romania. For 28 years he has led a surgical mission team to Choluteca, Honduras in partnership with Foundation San Jose Obrero.

Case of Neurofibroma in Chihuahua, Mexico

Since 2011 Dr. McKinnon has conducted surgical missions to hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Vietnam.  He has operated and lectured as the first craniofacial surgeon there, in addition to providing complex tumor surgery for many “inoperable” patients there. From Chicago, he regularly consults with foreign doctors by computer and is supported by multiple charitable groups.

Dr. McKinnon maintains an interest in plastic surgery worldwide and has lectured in  Canada, Mexico, Great Britain (England, Scotland), France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Romania, Spain, Portugal, Greece,  Israel, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Australia, Peru,  and Brazil.  He has introduced new  plastic surgery techniques in nasal reconstruction, craniosynostosis, bilateral cleft lip, vascular malformations, aesthetic craniofacial surgery,  orbital tumors and neurofibromatosis.


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