After Abdominoplasty, the patient will usually stay overnight in the hospital and return home the next day with the help of a friend or family. They may shower the day after surgery and will wear a stretchy wraparound “girdle” to protect the area for several weeks. Drains are removed in 5-14 days, if in place. Heavy exertion and exercise should be avoided for 6-8 weeks if the abdominal muscles have been tightened during the surgery. They may return to light work in 10-14 days.

After liposuction, the patient requires a family member or friend to take them home and spend the evening with them. They need to wear a girdle for 24 hours a day for 7-10 days and then 12 hours a day for a month thereafter. They can remove the girdle and shower anytime. They can return to work in 2-4 days but must avoid heavy exertion for 2-3 weeks. Oozing is expected from the areas of liposuction for approximately 24 hours after surgery. Swelling and black-and-blue is quite obvious for approximately 7-10 days. Sun exposure should be avoided in the areas of liposuction for 2-3 months to avoid the risk of hyperpigmentation (blotchy color to the skin). The final result may not be evident for 6 months.


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