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Traveling Patients

We are happy to communicate in English, Spanish, French or German. Patients coming from out of the state and U.S. are offered advice and assistance with transportation, reductions on hotels and other lodging, visa letters, foreign insurance company correspondence, and letters to sponsoring foreign governments. Children and their families are eligible to stay at the …

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Patient Testimonials

I have fought and beat breast cancer. As you can imagine, during my fight, I encountered numerous physicians. All my treatment was done at Northwestern. Of all the doctors I had – none compare to Dr. McKay McKinnon. I went to Dr. McKinnon for my reconstructive work. He took more time with me than any …

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Thigh and Buttock Lift Chichago

Patients who have achieved a dramatic weight loss should be celebrating their achievements, but many find that the success of the weight loss, while life-changing, is slightly dampened by remaining, excessive, sagging skin. Similarly, though typically not as dramatic, men and women through the natural process of aging typically find they have excess, sagging skin. …

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Chicago Breast Implants

Chicago Breast Implants may be either Saline filled or made with Silicone gel. There are some basic differences between the two implant options. Saline implants may be pre-filled or filled after they have been inserted. On the chance a saline implant collapses, the saline will be absorbed and naturally removed from the body. A Silicone implant …

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Abdominoplasty Chicago

Many women who have been pregnant struggle to get back the mid-section they once had. Unfortunately, no matter the amount of diet and exercise, sagging excess skin and stretched out abdominal muscles just wont improve without surgical intervention. Both men and women of varying ages often struggle with excess fat or skin in the mid-section due to …

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